Mayan Jade Facial Roller

Mayan Jade Facial Roller


Asian women are characterized for their radiant skin, this thanks to the very specific beauty rituals the undergo - one of their several millenary secrets is the use of jade rollers, which with daily use help us to obtain an incredible, imperfection-free skin.

These rollers reduce facial swelling, drain the body of toxins and balance the pH of the skin. They also illuminate the face and fade wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores.

Jade naturally transmits infrared rays, which heat and increase blood circulation, improving the elasticity of the skin. By massaging the face with the roller, lymphatic drainage is created, a technique that frees the body of fluid retention (so it is ideal to use it under the eyes where the bags are formed).

This rollers are made with Mayan Jade found around the archeological sites of Chiapas and are carefully handmade with ancestral Chinese techniques.

-For ideal results use with ABSOLUTE Serum-

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